An NFT card collection based around an alternative reality where the Roman Empire never fell.

A Bit of Backstory

Rome never fell and in the age of advanced technologies Rome’s strength lies in a synthetic material called Nuten. One day a mysterious man-caused accident contaminated the land with poisonous miasma.

In nature, mutations started to emerge and humanity was forced to flee the land and live in elevated cities. Soldiers now fight at the borders of the declining Roman Empire searching for ancient energy molecules known as “relics”. This is where STIGMA picks up the story.

Trading cards come in varying levels of rarity and collecting an “environment series”, trading them in and burning them unlocks a special card/item.

Each deck in the collection tells the story of a different adventure set in this future where Rome never fell.

Collection 1

The story of Maximus: a loyal soldier betrayed by the Empire he was fighting for. His identity was shattered in dishonor, until he found a new life as a Gladiator and a rebel.

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