The planet's crystal core shattered. Everyone began to crystalize, a few Mages (NFTs) banded together to survive. The race to free the others mages is on.

The Story Goes So…

Mages lived in harmony on a planet where there were 10 guilds of mages. Each guild had its own laws, rules, and way of life, and traditions were passed down from one generation to the next. Each guild was founded by two of the greatest Cryptomages, and they were immortalized in 3 gemstones: a ruby, an emerald, and a sapphire. The powers of these founders were so strong that even after their deaths the stones retained some of the great Cryptomages’ powers and became totems for the guild that they created.

The planet's core was a crystal of incredible magic power, but one day, for some unknown reason, the crystal shattered! This severely disrupted the harmony and balance of the planet's magical forces and life on the surface. In fact, on the surface, all 10 guilds lost their totems and the Mages began to crystalize.

Some banded together and managed to stay alive, creating a protective shell that was able to partially restore the balance of magical power and prevent the catastrophe that would have been global crystallization.

Fortunately those who have been crystalized can be restored to their former state, but this process requires two Mages with strong magical powers i.e. those that have mastered the knowledge of at least four of the five sciences.

NFTs and How to Play

9988 mages (unique NFTs) from 4 of the 10 guilds survived the initial crystallization and these were available for purchase in a presale. These are needed to play the game. As one plays the game they can:

  • Improve their level of science, up to 5 in total.
  • Learn crafts and get new opportunities.
  • Cast spells and release (earn) Mages (NFTs) trapped in crystals. Only, however, if they have mastery of 4 of the 5 sciences.
  • Participate in tournament, conquests, and quests. Receiving rewards for winning.
  • Seek out limited edition Cyptomages.
  • Create their own collection of Mages.

In order to master a science a Mage must follow a process:

  • Educating themselves (buying a book) with the theory of the science.
  • Practicing (buying a magic item) the practical elements of that science.
  • Study the science completely (pass an exam).

Mastering a science can’t be done overnight and each of these stages must be undertaken separately.

Once a Mage has mastered a science that Mage can:

  • Write books (sell books)
  • Craft magical items (sell magical items)
  • Give exams

All for other Mages wanting to master that particular science.

Totems are NFTs too, and all 60 of the totems are needed to restore balance to the planet. They, however, cannot be learnt or bought; they can only be found. What’s more, only the surviving descendants of the guild’s founders can find the lost totems.

Once smart contracts are launched then the journey of CryptoMages will begin in earnest!

In early September 2021 those behind CrpytoMages made the decision to refund the purchase of all those that had bought NFT Mages, but allowed them to keep their Mages. The reasoning behind this was a lack of being able to set out a definitive and workable roadmap for the project because of a number of unknowna. Work will not stop on this project and you can read this release here in this tweet.

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