Virtual Machines

Opening up Cardano to the Solidity/Ethereum and wider blockchain community through the K framework.

When implemented this framework will create a permanent bridge, enabling developers to work seamlessly across both ecosystems, now and into the future.

This first step is to create the KEVM, K Ethereum Virtual Machine, running the EVM, Ethereum Virtual Machine, within the K Framework. This will allow Solidity developers to launch and run programs and smart contracts on the Cardano platform. This is plugged into Mantis to provide compatibility with Ethereum Classic.

The second step in the expansion of Virtual Machine compatibility will be IELE. This is a dedicated virtual machine that provides a foundation for the Cardano blockchain protocol. It executes and verifies smart contracts and provides human-readable language for blockchain developers. IELE allows universal compatibility meaning that it will be possible to write smart contracts in several languages and deploy them to the test environment.




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