Pixel Links

Blockchain-based, pixelated golf. Equip, coach, and play with an NFT golfer.

Pixel Links golf is a play-to-earn game where players need to own a golfer NFT to play the game. A Pixel Links’ golfer is a unique NFT that has both physical and mental characteristics that effect their capabilities out on the course. These are:

  • Ability
  • Power
  • Stamina
  • Control
  • Composure

These are rated out of 10, with ten being the best. Players can develop their golfers by taking them to “The Range” and coaching them to improve their “Handicap Value”.

Golfers must be combined with equipment to play on the golf course. The equipment which players can equip their golfers with includes:

  • Clubs
  • Bags
  • Balls
  • Tees
  • Towels
  • Caddies

This equipment is made up of fungible tokens, FTs, and is designed to wear down over time. It will the require burning and replacing. Most importantly, these pieces of equipment affect one or more of a golfer’s characteristics, thus affecting their playing capabilities.

Multiple Play Modes

Initially players will develop and equip their golfer and then send them off to a course to compete.

The next game mode to be developed will allow a player to take control of their golfer, play the course, and compete themselves.

Finally it is envisioned that creating courses will become a game in and of itself.

Iteration Based Development

The team behind Pixel Links will release new elements of the game to players and take feedback on the game, the new features, and the features they have under development. This will then fuel the design of the game's next iteration.

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