YaySwap is a hybrid DEX utilizing AMM and order book style methods of settling trades. Fees are charged at 0.25% and both ADA and babel fees are accepted.

Trades on Yayswap can be completed in under 1 minute and market orders are fulfilled by comparing the optimal price from the order book with the price on the AMM and fulfilling the order at the optimum price. Limit orders are fulfilled if they can be. If they cannot be fulfilled then they are saved to the on-chain order book and are processed when the conditions needed to satisfy them are met.

YaySwap charges 0.25% fees for trades and half of the fee goes to the Liquidity Providers, LPs, of the pool and are split proportional to their contribution to the liquidity reserves. The other half of the fee is split between those staking YAY LP tokens, again proportional to their contribution.

The protocol also offers support for babel fees, meaning that a user can pay fees in the native token they’re trading and don’t need to be holding ADA to execute their trade. These fees go straight to the stake pool operators, SPOs.

New and low market cap assets will not be listed in YaySwaps dropdown menu, and those who wish to trade them will need a custom link to do so. Once these assets have enough liquidity backing them then they will be listed in the dropdown menu.

Finally, wrapped tokens will be available in the future, allowing trading between tokens on Cardano and tokens on other blockchains.

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