Hard Blue

A proposed “long-term substitute to Bitcoin” as a store of value, aiming to accomplish this goal through pure promotion.

Hard Blue is a Cardano Native Token that is positioning itself to become Bitcoin's replacement as a store of value, because the team behind Hard Blue sees Bitcoin outdating itself by not upgrading its network.

The Hard Blue team touts the benefits of the Cardano network in comparison to that of the Bitcoin network -specifically transaction throughout and energy consumption- as reasons why Hard Blue is superior.

Much like Bitcoin Hard Blue is intended to be a non-inflationary store of value. Hard Blue has a token supply limit of 2.1 billion, (100x that of Bitcoin). These tokens are pre-minted i.e. they all exist from the start. The token distribution is as follows:

  • 1% for the team
  • 9% to fund liquidity pairs on exchanges
  • 90% to collaborator rewards i.e. those that promote Hard Blue as an alternative to Bitcoin

The largest majority of the token supply is allocated to the promotion of Hard Blue token as a Bitcoin alternative.

Through the tactic of over-promotion and media saturation by rewarding those who promote and legitimize the token though their media channels: Twitter, YouTube, Podcasting, etc; the company plans to make Hard Blue a household name.

Once Hard Blue is “on everyone’s lips” the team believe the project’s popularity will feed itself and become a store of value, making Bitcoin obsolete.

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