A play-to-earn NFT game where NFT owners race their car against others to earn XP points and prizes. Cars can be customized and rented to other racers.

All racers taking part in a race pay an entry fee which goes into the CARdano4SPEED treasury. The winner of the race is rewarded ‘the full amount minus entry fee’. From this you might assume that the ‘full amount’ is the total of all the entry fees, however this thought contradicts with the above statement and it can be assumed that the full amount is the prize money put up for the race.

NFT holders will be able to rent their cars to other to race. They then split the profits of their winnings.

Initially CARdano4SPEED will allows players to compete in drag races.

As development grows then new tracks and tournament style racing featuring a weekly leaderboard will be released.

A Token?

Fungible tokens will be a part of the game and they can be staked to earn yields or used in-game to modify a car. Modifiable features include:

  • Color
  • Exhaust
  • Window tints
  • Tires

A player can also upgrade their car's performance with things like NOS.

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