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Prove which digital information was available at a certain point in time.


With the CFC's blockchain data certification service, data can be digitally certified easily and securely. Thus, company data is protected and its authenticity is proven. Regardless of the file format, data is provided with a time record of when it was created, available or changed.

Leverage blockchain data certification

With the CFC's data certification service, you can first confirm any data and file formats that are stored on your own PC or server with the help of the latest blockchain technology and, if necessary, have them checked at any time. The service with blockchain technology from CFC can be used sensibly to prove authorship, for trade or business secrets, the documentation of production processes or in cooperation projects (e.g. a construction diary). The benefit is always the same: Entrepreneurs can prove which digital information was available at a certain point in time.

What does data certification bring to the protection of copyright?

Texts, illustrations, plans, music jingels, films, photographs, software - creative works are protected by copyright. With the digital CFC service for data certification, you can document your own authorship of a creation. This gives authors a time sheet for their works. The data does not have to be given out of hand or made public.

What does data certification bring in business transactions?

All business correspondence (e.g. e-mails, draft contracts, supply contracts, invoices, presentations, etc.) can be undeniably proven by the blockchain service. Not only individual documents (e.g. PDF) but documents in any format and size (e.g. entire folders as zip files) can be certified. What does data certification bring in the production process? Data that machines generate during the production process (e.g. serial numbers, speeds, temperature curves, function tests on machines, etc.) can be reliably used as evidence or evidence even years later thanks to the certification. Confidential information remains in the company. Only an anonymous fingerprint of the data is stored with blockchain technology and guarantees the authenticity of the data stored in the company.

Verify - Evidence - Are your data being questioned?

No problem - in court it is now possible to show the digital fingerprint of the file with the time of creation and thus to document the time and the content status of the availability of the data.

Cardano File Certification DATA

Prove which digital information was available at a certain point in time. Lets assume you have a written a concept or idea and send it to your cooperation partner. How to secure your idea and prove that you had it at a certain point in time in case somebody take it and claim it was his/her idea? Hash your file With “hashing” of your file or E-Mail you’ll get a hash string. You’ll get always the same hash value if you take the same file. If a single point in that E-Mail is changed, the hash value is different and will not match up with the original file hash. So you can prove that you have a unaltered file. Blockchain Now you can prove which one was the original file/E-Mail or whatever you want to secure. But how to prove at which point in time the file was at that state? Here comes blockchain in the game. The entries on big decentralised blockchains like Ethereum or Cardan cannot be subsequently changed. The chain of blocks is therefore unchangeable, forgery and manipulation-proof. So lets store the hash value of your file/E-Mail in the blockchain. The hash value and the date and time when this took place is immutable stored and can be checked by enybody any time.

Which infomation of my Mail is visible on blockchain? Only the hash value is stored on the blockchain entry not the file itself. Nobody can see the content of your file. From a hash value you can not recreate the file or E-Mail (this is a one way ticket). Summary how to secure digital data

  • secure a file: create a hash value from the file and store the has value on blockchai
  • check file: create the hash value of the file and check if it matches the hash value stored in the blockchain

We provide a service that supports that kind of usecases. Please try it out and give us feedback. CFC

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