Cardano Dragonz

A collection of hand-drawn, algorithmically generated NFT Dragonz. A game involving them will begin development in late 2022.

Cardano Dragonz are hand-drawn and 6000 of them will be algorithmically generated. They will be dropped in multiple seasons, each thematically different; including Dragonz, Mutated Dragonz, and Dragon Toddlers.

After the creation of NFTs the development of the game will begin. The Dragons must protect the Sacred Scroll and the storyline for the game goes like this….

In the far off lands of Eukara, a forbidden scroll sits hidden atop the Mountain of Assiel (the King of All Dragons). It is said that this scroll contains the secrets to immortality, a desirable trait for the mortal humans who inhabit the lands of Eukara.

One man, Nehem, reaches his personal goal and summits the Mountain of Assiel to find the ruins of a temple. As he continues his search for the scroll thunderous noises boom around him. But they do not deter him.

He sees what he came for, the Sacred Scroll of Assiel, the key for fulfilling mortal man’s dream. As he reached out to the scroll a bright light struck his eyes and a monstrous voice spoke “Leave!”. But Nehem was not deterred and reached out further and touched the scroll.

The whole land began to shake, buildings fell, chasms cut across the land, waters rose, and the Mountain of Assiel took to the air. The man vanished into the air and the clouds engulfed the floating mountain.

Thunderous roars started to be heard across all of Eukara “Dragons!” a man shouts as the dragons imprison inside the mountain of Assiel emerge...

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