An open sourced, decentralized, platform for scalable, cloud computing and data storage, operating across multiple blockchain and offering dynamic pricing.

Like many other decentralized storage systems, hosts, a.k.a miners, on the network get paid for sharing their storage space and processing power. The distribution and optimization of the network resources is managed by an AI that is designed to focus on fairness and efficiency. All files are secured cryptographically, and data processing takes place by mining blocks in a chain.  


Iagon makes use of SHA256 and AES-256 encryption for all the files stored across the system. Files are sliced, encrypted, and distributed across the network. Such encrypted distribution of files prevents a hacker from gaining access to one point and consuming all the fragments of data around them because they would need to break the encryption on each slice they encounter.   

AI - Smart Computing Grid

An AI-Tracker, i.e. a dynamic learning system, manages the distribution and use of computing power and storage space. It matches customer demands with miners bids and computing power, and also identifies rouge nodes that should be blocked and removed from this Smart Computing Grid. It is continuously fine tuning the grid for storage and processing power optimization.  

Data Processing

Data processing is undertaken on a private blockchain with public network protocols over API networks. Miners do not need to store any of the data to mine it. Miners mine blocks of data, which are then added to the private blockchain used for processing data. Miners are then rewarded for the amount of data in the block they created.  

Mining Algorithm

Miners are organized into pools defined by their contributions to the network; this is calculated using Proof of Variance, a proof that is designed upon algebraic theory and probability functions. Miners then compete within their pools and are moved up and down the pool hierarchy based on a variety of factors, but mainly: their speed and the amount of data they’re able to find.

The platform is currently in BETA on Ethereum, with the design to launch on Cardano once smart contracts are launched. It will also be launched on the IOTA tangle, Hendra hashgraph and other public and private blockchains.

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