Utility box for Cardano users with several tools to manage and provide extra utilities for NFTs.

Adanize is a project whose main objective is to develop useful tools for users on the Cardano blockchain. These tools will bring different utilities to the real world and the virtual world, such as:


A tool for minting and dropping NFTs, in which it will be possible for anyone, even with little technological knowledge, to create their NFTs collection


This will allow NFTs on the Cardano blockchain to have utility in physical locations, outside the virtual world, using identification through policyID.


This allows any NFT creator or reseller on the Cardano blockchain to create utilities for their virtual assets such as granting access to content of exclusive videos and texts, to the downloading of e-books, documents, etc.


This service will be aimed at those who own commercial establishments or provide services which accept payments in Cardano.


The idea here is that it allows any site, inside or outside the blockchain, to accept login and registration using previously configured NFTs.

To raise funds for the development of this project a collection of NFTs has been created. These will work as access tokens -called adzID- once the platform is up and running. Investors who posses these NFTs will have access to everything developed now and in the future, from content, to systems, to applications. You will also be able to trade your NFT (after activating your adzID) on the secondary market so that other investors can use Adanize.

More information regarding the platform an the NFT collection is available on the website.

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