A tool to connect blockchain data directly from a Cardano node into data processing platforms such as Elasticsearch or Kafka.

We have tools to "explore" the Cardano blockchain, which are useful when you know what you're looking for. We argue that there's a different, complementary use-case which is to "observe" the blockchain and react to particular event patterns.

Oura is a rust-native implementation of a data pipeline that connects to the tip of a Cardano node through a combination of Ouroboros mini-protocol (using either a unix socket or tcp bearer), filters the events that match a particular pattern and then submits a succint, self-contained payload to pluggable observers called "sinks".

Sinks are pluggable, you can choose from any of the already built-in integrations (eg: Elasticsearch, Kafka). New integrations are under active development (eg: Redis, AWS Lambda).

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