A decentralized data management platform, a database which works like an application, operating as a sidechain of the Cardano network.

Fluree’s goal is to ensure that data be FAIR

  1. Findable

  2. Accessible

  3. Interoperable

  4. Reuseable

Data stored on this sidechain is timestamped, giving it immutability,  and viewers can “time travel” through the data, tracing versions of a piece of data back to its original iteration.

It is not possible to store large amounts of metadata on-chain with Cardano, therefore connecting an immutable sidechain to the equally immutable Cardano blockchain allows for this provable, data-centric side chain to scale.

Developers use Fluree’s APIs to store and access their data on the chain. Logins are verified with public and private key systems and data is sharable based on the user’s credentials.

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