A decentralized, tokenized identity solution, streamlining KYC and incorporating novel recovery techniques in a 1-click, sovereign identity solution.

IAMX is a tokenized Identity solution that is aiming to give people back control of their data and enable them to compete forms and answer KYC requests with just 1-click. All done via zero knowledge proofs that comply with European GDPR laws and Anti-Money Laundering, AML, standards.

IAMX is designed to be 100% free to the user, and can be used to authenticate: people, items, properties, as well as personal attributes and credentials.

Biometrics and No Seed Phrase

Users of the IAMX tool use their biometrics as the key to their identity wallet, and their biometrics are also used to facilitate the recovery of their data, replacing the standard seed phrase with a face, fingerprint, and iris.

A person’s Iris, face and fingerprints are hashed using a standardized algorithm, allowing for secure recovery of a persons wallet. This data, along with any parts of the individual's data, is not stored on chain, meaning that it cannot be stolen from a centralized data base.

IAMX are using the same level of technology, hardware, and methods that the state, i.e. countries and governments, are using.

IAMX is an official and registered decentralized identity method with the World Wide Web Consortium, W3C, the international standards organization for for the World Wide Web.

Pre-Authenticated Data and 1-Click Solution

A partner, like a bank or government, can authenticate data for a person, allowing it to then be pre-validated and used for easy approval further down the line by another company or entity.

This pre-authentication of data allows it to be reused again and again and again, enabling users to fill out forms with 1-click, and to complete KYC requirements in the same manner. The platform can also be used to checkout on platforms, such as online marketplaces, with a simple 1-click.

IAMX will be designed to be interoperable on any ledger, both EVM and non-EVM ledgers.

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