Streamlining, securing, and decentralizing healthcare data for all stakeholders in the healthcare industry, from patients to international aid donors.

With a focus on emerging economies Immunify.Life aims to revitalize inefficient healthcare systems by incentivizing the secure digitization of healthcare, using a cross-chain platform that incorporates user rewards and keeps to internationally recognized standards.

For patients, the Immunify.Life platform will primarily be accessed through a mobile app, available for both Android and iOS, allowing the creation of a digital disease registry and the capture and consolidation of patients medical records into a single record, accessible anywhere. Patient’s consent is needed regarding where their data is shared and sharing is undertaken in a de-identified manner.

Immunify.Life facilitates the collection of de-identified, Big Health Data which has the potential to revolutionize healthcare and disease management, by providing organizations, researchers, investors, individuals, and others with the resources and data needed to make decisions and advances in the healthcare field.

Furthermore, for Donor organizations and NGOs, the Immunify.Life platform provide critical data and traceability to those who invest in healthcare. These entities can utilize the platform to access real-time medical treatment data and monitor the impact of their donations.

3 Platform Components

Immunify.Life Platform

Captures and stores real-time, real-world data in a de-identified manner on the blockchain. Full compliance with US HIPAA health standards ISO 9001 and ISO 27001, provide assurance of security of the platform as a medical IT solution and it can be plugged into various healthcare IT systems using familiar standards such as HL7/FHIR.

Immunify.Life Token (IMM)

The accounting unit and fee settlement token of the platform, used by all stakeholders to pay for services through the platform. Can also be used as incentives for patients and healthcare works to, respectively, share and collect data. The IMM token can be used for:

  • Paying fees for access to medical data
  • Rewarding patients and healthcare workers
  • Staking upon registering for account identity
  • Payment for Immunify.Life savings account
  • Acquiring NFT digital medical certificates
  • Purchase of goods and services
  • Proof of business
  • Incentives for end users to provide their clinical data
  • Incentives for yield farming

Immunify.Life App

Users use an app to connect to the platform and it is made accessible on mobile devices, both Android and iOS, and can be accessed by any medical professional in real-time. This app is made available to end users at no cost.

Upon signing up each party on the platform receives a unique Immunity.Life ID that acts as a unique validation code and allows them to access the parts of the platform applicable to their user tier.

3 User Tiers

Tier 1 Free. User can receive medical treatments, sign de-identified data consent forms, and view multiple faucets of their personal health care including:

  • Medical records
  • Prescriptions
  • Appointments
  • Immunization schedules

Users can also be rewarded with IMM tokens upon registration and benefit from any behavior-based incentives put forth by governments and NGOs as part of Immuinfy,Life’s incentivize programs. Tier 1 user’s medical records are accessible by healthcare workers, pharmacies, and laboratories in the user’s country.

Tier 2 Allows users to purchase digital Vaccine Certificates (NFTs) and store them in their personal wallet. Each certificate costs $25, which is paid in IMM tokens. Users can further opt in to allow their data to be shared with interested parties who pay the platform a yearly licensing fee.

Tier 3 Organizations e.g. governments, donors, NGOs, and research organizations; can pay fees to access de-identified real-time and ongoing treatment data. Data will be accessed using AI. Allowing realtime disease tracking along with granular treatment and diagnosis outcomes.

Immunify.Life is built across both Ethereum and Cardano, and takes advantage of multi-chain smart contracts. Immunify.Life will provide a bridge for the worldwide and growing healthcare market to connect to Ethereum’s DeFi economy. Immunify.Life plans to pivot (although they don’t say how much) to Cardano because it is a “more suitable chain”.

Donation Protocol

Donors can donate IMM tokens, which allow them to trace and certify the use of their donations, as well as to monitor and verify their donation's progress, ensuring they actually reach those who need them.

It is hoped that this addition of transparency to international medical aid can increase the rate and efficacy of global donations by helping to preventing fraud and theft.

Charitable DeFi ARM

Those who provide liquidity to Immunity.Life’s DeFi protocol (not elaborated on in the whitepaper) can opt in to delegating a % of their APY to a partnered foundation or charity.

The Immunifty.Life foundations wallet will delegate 100% of it’s APY to foundations and charities on the protocol.

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