Creating the platform to provide broadband internet to underserved urban areas using cutting edge technology. Also offering DiD and micro-loans to users.

The goal of this project is to bring broadband internet to places where it is deemed too difficult or uneconomical to do so in a traditional manner, with an initial focus on Africa.

The Technology - How it Works

The system is designed around the use of base stations and transceivers, technology owned by K3 Telecom AG, a 3air strategic partner. Base stations, with a 50km radius are placed strategically around an area and at least one of these is connected to the global internet. This single station can relay its internet signal to other base stations, allowing coverage to travel much further than the range of the individual connected base station.

The base stations then relay the internet signal to transceivers that are connected to buildings. This transceiver is then connected to legacy systems and hardware e.g. wifi router, modem, etc, to deliver internet to people in the area. This all allows for the porting of existing systems and business models onto the blockchain.

The technology (K3's technology) uses proprietary wireless, point-to-multipoint technology that provides secure internet access through microwave radio. Users will be able to obtain access to the internet through multiple internet service providers, ISPs.

A "Strategic Partnership"

3air has formed a "strategic partnership" with K3 Telecom AG, a Swiss broadband provider specializing in building broadband infrastructure and providing services in densely populated cities in developing countries. It is worth noting that the CTO of 3air is also the CTO of K3 Telecom, that 3air's Head of Development is also "behind the development of" a lot of K3 proprietary software, and that 3air's Telecom Advisor is the co-founder of K3. There is nothing wrong with such a crossover however, such close ties between the two companies, their names, and their goals makes the words "strategic partnership" seem very choice.

3air will be providing the user interface and blockchain based platform that serves as the link between the ISPs and their customers who use the services distributed by K3's technology. The overall goal is to help bring broadband services to those without identity or a bank account.

the 3air token will be used to pay for all services on the platform. The token is also stakeable, and provides the owner with governance votes.

The Platform

The user interface that 3air will be building is where users ands ISPs can connect with each other, and users can track their subscription status and gain access to the services found below. This portal can be used to onboard new customers and, besides connecting ISPs and customers, It will also have features built in that apply to the African target market.

Decentralized Identity

The platform will connect with ATALA Prism, IOHK’s decentralized identity solution, to allow users to build and manage their blockchain identity, personal information, and to build a credit score related to their identity.

Loyalty Programs

Participating ISPs can build incentives into their offerings to incentivize users to onboard to or continue using their services.


Using a record of blockchain payments and the user's associated decentralized identity users will be able to apply for cross collateralized and under-collateralized micro-loans. Because all of the necessary information is stored on the blockchain credit scores can be calculated automatically and loans can be granted instantly.

This technology has already been deployed and tested in 9 countries around the world with the final resting location being Freetown, Sierra Leone. You can read 3air’s results here.

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