With three services Atala aims to bring immutable authenticity and traceability to commodities, identity, and credentials using blockchain technology.

Atala is the enterprise solution arm of IOHK and offers three services: TRACE, SCAN, and PRISM. These are aimed at bringing immutable authenticity and traceability to commodities, identity, and credentials through the use of blockchain technology. Custom solutions for other sectors wishing to leverage the technology are also available.


Atala TRACE is focused on bringing verifiable, end-to-end product certification and traceability to the supply chain. This is primarily aimed at the food supply chain but the concept can readily be applied to other industries.

Atala SCAN

Atala SCAN utilizes blockchain technology to provide traceable, auditable authenticity for a wide variety of supply chains and individually unique products; from designer brand items, to medicine, to art.

Tamper-proof, transparency originating from a secure, decentralized environment provides both peace of mind to consumers and authoritative authenticity for brands and manufacturers.


Atala PRISM focuses on digital identity and credentials, with the premise that “every individual should have control over their own identity at all times”. Listing credentials on the blockchain makes them verifiable, and removes the viability of forged documentation.

This decentralized approach to digital identity and credentials removes the possibility of mass data breaches, massively reducing the risk for businesses.

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