A Discord Bot that provides multiple Cardano blockchain linked features to Discord moderators and their server members.

The HAZELnet.io Discord bot is designed to ensure maximum privacy as well as secure usage, something the team believes doesn't exist with other Discord bots currently out there.

The Discord bot, currently in open beta, provides the following capabilities:

  • Secure and private cross-server verification of addresses for all wallets

  • Scam protection features, automatically removing posted Cardano addresses

  • Allows for the adding of official token policies and stake pools to a Discord server

  • It can automatically assign server roles for fungible token and NFT holders. With customizable minimum amounts.

  • It can automatically assign roles for delegators of designated pools. With customtizable minimum delegation amounts

  • Whitelist signup with required roles and adjustable parameters

Future plans include twitter integration and partnerships with other solutions on Cardano.

The code for the bot will be open-sourced.

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