Connect a Cardano wallet to a Discord account and complete multiple blockchain actions in Discord including trades, token minting, proof of ownership, and more.

Connect a Cardano wallet, currently only Nami, to a Discord username using a few simple clicks through the Cardanocon platform. Then, if the Discord user is an admin of a Discord server they can invite the Cardano Connect Bot into the server and this bot manages all the actions described below. If the user is a member of a server than has the bot already integrated into it then they can use all of the below services in that server.


The Cardanocon service can be used by admins to:

  • Attach server roles to either an individual asset or a collection of assets

  • Attach server roles to people who delegate to a specific pool

The service can be used by all server users who are have connected their wallet and Discord username through Cardanocon to:

  • Display a pool, to which other users can delegate with a simple click

  • Prove that a user owns a specific asset, and to get some information about that asset

  • Create an invoice for another user

  • Mint NFTs (with custom metadata) and tokens directly in Discord, with the applicable image being uploaded directly to the IPFS

  • To search for an NFT, by policy andID and asset name. If the owner of that NFT uses Cardanocon the user can message them directly (in these interactions Discord tags are kept private)

  • Create P2P escrow trades between two users, using multisig transactions. The owner of the server can insert trading fees if they wish, either as an ADA amount or as a percentage of the total transaction. Transactions under 50ADA are always free.

The Cardanocon website offers a dashboard for managing a user's account. Specifically connecting and disconnecting their wallet from their account. The website also offers a P2P escrow service conducted through multisig.

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