A decentralized, metaverse-based social network where influencers can tokenize their content and build more intimate relationships with their fans.

YouClout will provide an interactive 3D universe where influencers and fans can socialize together, bridging the gap between them and, hopefully, creating more meaningful interactions. It is accessible on any web enabled device and is aiming to be chain-agnostic, with Polygon integration already achieved.

The purported benefits of this platform for influencers is that they own 100% of their content and can monetize that content by turning it into NFTs; which they then sell through the YouClout marketplace. For fans the benefit is that they can get closer to the people of whom they are fans by purchasing tokens that give them access to exclusive events and channels as well as discounted NFTs.

NFTs & a Marketplace

Influencers on the platform can easily turn their content into NFTs that they then sell on the marketplace to their fans, who can purchase the content with just a swipe. These fans can also use the marketplace to re-sell these NFTs. The marketplace is managed by smart contracts and NFTs purchased on the platform can be kept in their wallet or in the treasury smart contract; although it is not said what the benefit of holding them in smart contract is.


Influencers create their own Y-tokens, also called yTokens, which give the holder membership to that influencer’s private community. This includes access to exclusive channels of content and a 50% discount on NFT purchases. There are a limited number of Y-tokens each influencer can produce, but when all the available Y-tokens are taken it is then possible for the influencer to create more. Community members who are owners of the Y-tokens can auction them to other users in the YouClout marketplace.

YCT Tokens

YCT is the platforms native token and has multiple functionalities on the platform, mainly:

  • Discounts on NFTs
  • Tipping in YCT
  • Purchasing land in the Metaverse
  • Voting in the YouClout governance pool

Holders on more than USD$1000 worth of YCT also get access to private conferences. Does this equate to holding a Y-token? It is not stated as such.


YouClout begins as a conferencing platform, allowing influencers to interact directly with their fans and share content with them; much like a Facebook Live or Zoom meeting might work. It is stated that this conferencing platform can support tens of thousands of attendees per event.

Red Flags?

Whilst this does seem like a legitimate project there are certain areas, specifically platform governance, which are not delved into in detail in the limited documentation provided by YouClout. Neither are the expansion of the 3D metaverse or how the process of minting more Y-tokens works.

Also, whilst the team members are real people, only the CEO and CTO are linked with the project through their LinkedIn profiles; many of which are listed in the only documentation, an investor deck, provided by the project.

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