A monthly subscription service that works to protect members of an NFT project’s Discord community from scammers.

The Discord SecurityBot is aim at Discord based NFT communities and has many features for protecting the Discord servers in which it is employed. The parameters of many of these features can be adjusted by the server's staff. The Discord SecurityBot’s features include:

  • Automatically deleting Cardano wallet address that aren’t whitelisted for that server

  • Replying to whitelisted address with a ✅

  • Blocking users from joining with names blacklisted from that server and preventing scammers from imitating staff members by preventing nicknames from being changed

  • Preventing known scammers from joining the community entirely, flagging scammers found in all the Discord servers the Bot operates in to continually improve this system

  • Purging unverified members every 30 minutes to prevent DM scams and bot attacks

  • Preventing shilling in channels of the server staffs’ choosing

  • Keeping a simple activity log that allows staff to take action against potential scammers

  • Fast and simple setup with open communication and support

The SecurityBot simplifies the task of Discord moderation, helping to make Discord communities safer places for community members to hang out and interact, whilst also allowing server moderators to spend more time interacting with their community and less time policing the server.

The Discord SecurityBot works across both Cardano and Ethereum based NFT Discord servers.

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