Cardano Wallet


  • ApeWatch

    Monitor the total value of the holdings of any Cardano wallet.

    ApeWatch, Cardano User Tools.
  • Mercury Chat

    A wallet-to-wallet messaging system for Cardano that can be integrated into dApps.

    Mercury Chat, Cardano User Tools.
    Mercury Chat
  • Atrium Lab

    A data and feature rich wallet management app that acts like your Cardano wallet and offers incentives for certain actions and encourages a fairer experience.

    Atrium Lab, Cardano User Tools.
    Atrium Lab
  • Machada

    Machada helps you monitor your Cardano wallet and automate flows based on it.

    Machada, Cardano User Tools.
  • ADAM

    A free Android app for monitoring the state of Cardano, viewing the contents of any wallet, and all the statistics you could want associated with it.

    ADAM, Cardano User Tools.
  • WalletBud

    A wallet alerts bot for Discord. Get notifications about incoming wallet activity for up to 3 different Cardano wallets.

    WalletBud, Cardano User Tools.
  • blocktrust

    Blocktrust is building identity solutions on top of **Atala PRISM**

    blocktrust, Cardano User Tools.
  • RepoLedge

    We recommend atleast 500 words. This is your opportunity to speak to our audiance. You will always be able to edit your content. View examples of styles below o

    RepoLedge, Cardano DeFi.
  • Crossmint

    Crossmint offers infrastructure for enterprises and developers to create, distribute, and custody NFTs at scale.

    Crossmint, Cardano Developer Tools.
  • Toolkit for Cardano

    Simplifying the development of smart by contracts allowing teams to make progress with minimal wallet integration overhead.

    Toolkit for Cardano, Cardano Developer Tools.
    Toolkit for Cardano
  • Ray Network

    Developers of an open sourced DeFi ecosystem, tools for developers, and user tools on the Cardano blockchain.

    Ray Network, Cardano DeFi.
    Ray Network
  • Typhonjs

    A Javascript implementation of the Cardano wallet library.

    Typhonjs, Cardano Developer Tools.
  • Byron Network

    An ecosystem of of DeFi dApps and user tools built on Cardano, being designed for multichain operation.

    Byron Network, Cardano DeFi.
    Byron Network
  • Cardano Python Module

    Python module for handling Cardano cryptocurrency. Currently it wraps the cardano-wallet API in a Python code, providing an abstraction layer.

    Cardano Python Module, Cardano Developer Tools.
    Cardano Python Module
  • FreeLoaderz

    A Coalition of Cardano Stake Pools offering url API access to their relay servers to help improve transaction speed by opening up ports to user wallets

    FreeLoaderz, Cardano Dev Tools.
  • Javascript Bip32 Implementation

    Pure javascript implementation of Bip32Ed25519, used for Cardano blockchain key pair.

    Javascript Bip32 Implementation, Cardano Developer Tools.
    Javascript Bip32 Implementation
  • Automint

    A python library for automating transactions on Cardano.

    Automint, Cardano Developer Tools.
  • Cardashift

    A community-run launchpad that raises funds, builds and accelerates startups that are solving social and environmental issues.

    Cardashift, Cardano DeFi.
  • Heidrun

    An automation platform for Cardano that can trigger various action upon detecting a payment to a wallet address.

    Heidrun, Cardano Dev Tools.
  • cardano-wallet

    The official HTTP service for sending and receiving payments on Cardano.

    cardano-wallet, Cardano Developer Tools.
  • $handle

    An address routing service allowing users to own human readable addresses for their Cardano wallets; simplifying the sending and receiving of ADA.

    $handle, Cardano Wallets.
  • cf_cardanowallet

    A toolkit for coldfusion developers enabling them to natively perform wallet functions within coldfusion for IOHK's official cardano-wallet.

    cf_cardanowallet, Cardano Developer Tools.
  • Kubecoin

    A coin for the travel and leisure industry, incentivizing users on the already operating and expanding, surprise trips platform FlyKube and other platforms

    Kubecoin, Cardano Industry Solutions.
  • Revuto

    A subscription management and micro-lending and borrowing platform aiming to redefine their user's personal management of subscription services.

    Revuto, Cardano DeFi.
  • AdaDomains

    Human readable Cardano addresses that associate with the owner's wallet and a searchable web address displaying custom data. Simplifying the sending of assets.

    AdaDomains, Cardano Wallets.
  • CardanoSharp Wallet library

    A C# library for creating and managing wallets and building and signing transactions in .NET applications.

    CardanoSharp Wallet library, Cardano Developer Tools.
    CardanoSharp Wallet library
  • cardano-wallet-js

    A javascript/typescript SDK allowing users to use javascript without exposure to the underlying REST structure in which the official Cardano Wallet is written.

    cardano-wallet-js, Cardano Developer Tools.
  • Minswap

    An AMM DEX featuring multiple, algorithmically different, liquidity pools for the same token pairs.

    Minswap, Cardano DeFi.