A coin designed to incentivize users on the already operating and expanding, surprise trips platform FlyKube.

Kubecoin is a proposed “DeFi” token of the soon to be formed Kube Group; which started business as FlyKube in 2017. This successful travel platform, on which users can buy a variety of surprise trips, is now evolving into multiple businesses and, thus, the Kube Group umbrella is being born.

As the company's offerings expand they are creating a token they're specifically calling a utility token and not a “securities token”, that is to be used for incentives and rewards in the Kube Group economy.

  • A swap exchange will exist to exchange cryptos into Kubecoin
  • Incentives for influencers and referrals will be paid in Kubecoin
  • Every transaction through the Kube Group will be converted into Kubecoin and show up as a transaction in the coin
  • Kubecoin can be used on the platform as payment
  • Users paying in Kubecoin receive exclusive discounts

Through already established relationship in the global travel and leisure industry Kube Group has the desire to make Kubecoin the global coin for leisure and travel activities

In addition to FlyKube there are several other subsidiaries that Kube Group plans on creating including:

  • EatKube (surprise food experiences)
  • KubeBox
  • Inkubator (Tech consultancy and incubator)
  • NFT Platform (subscription model for exclusive content from content creators)

It has not yet been detailed how Kubecoin will interact with these other entities.

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