Aiming to create human readable Cardano addresses that associate with the owner's wallet and a searchable web address displaying custom data.

AdaDomains is currently a concept that wants to build a completely open and decentralized naming system for wallet address on the Cardano blockchain. This makes it easier for users to receive payments on the blockchain by being able to present others with a human readable domain, for example one would be able to send a transaction to “bulitoncardano.ada” and the funds would be sent to the address held on the registry associated with it.

Searching this domain in a web browser will bring up a website where user can store other publicly available personal information such as:

  • Content
  • Social Media Handles
  • Other crypto addresses
  • Really whatever the user wants!

Each domain will be represented by an NFT.

The project is in its early stage and problems have been identified by the team and both the problems and their potential solutions are discussed in the whitepaper.

Use case for such a service are numerous:

  • Simplified payment addresses
  • Decentralized websites who’s contents are stored on the blockchain
  • Custom information storage, the owners “business card” in a sense (or whatever they want to store there)
  • Subdomain creation for accessibility and customization

Domains are NFTs and the creators of AdaDomains will also build a decentralized marketplace for domains as part of the platform

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