Cardano Failed Project

Failed Project

  • Dripada

    Users comment, like, and follow projects that use this service in order to earn rewards in the project's native token.

    Dripada, Cardano Project Graveyard.
  • The Bull Boon

    Crypto Boons Inc. Bullish on Boons, Boonish on Bulls.

    The Bull Boon, Cardano Project Graveyard.
    The Bull Boon
  • Cicada Tactics

    A Multiplayer Tactical RPG. Play your Cicada on a tactical game board. A NFT on the blockchain contains the initial stats, elements of your RPG character.

    Cicada Tactics, Cardano Project Graveyard.
    Cicada Tactics
  • Cardano File Certification

    hash file secure data proof data file certification certification EMail contract art

    Cardano File Certification, Cardano Project Graveyard.
    Cardano File Certification
  • SassyShark

    A collection of 10,000 unique, hand-drawn NFTs with the goal of raising ocean awareness and providing a positive impact on sea life.

    SassyShark, Cardano Project Graveyard.
  • Tarot Cardano NFTs

    Tarot card NFTs created by popular artists. Each season is a new themed deck with varying rarities. What's in your future?

    Tarot Cardano NFTs, Cardano Project Graveyard.
    Tarot Cardano NFTs
  • Fetachain

    Renovating the foodchain with IoT, Blockchain, AI & AR. Assuring quality Farm to Food.

    Fetachain, Cardano Project Graveyard.

    Publisher of CNFT MAG and home to CNFT Project Directory, Drop Calendar and Infrastructure HUB., Cardano Project Graveyard.
  • Cardano Dragonz

    A collection of hand-drawn, algorithmically generated NFT Dragonz. A game involving them will begin development in late 2022.

    Cardano Dragonz, Cardano Project Graveyard.
    Cardano Dragonz
  • CARdano4SPEED

    A play-to-earn NFT game where NFT owners race their car against others to earn XP points and prizes. Cars can be customized and rented to other racers.

    CARdano4SPEED, Cardano Project Graveyard.
  • Artifct

    An NFT marketplace for auctioning and trading NFTs with a focus on Art and photography NFTs.

    Artifct, Cardano Project Graveyard.
  • PriceArt

    Generative CNFTs modeled with historical Cardano price data. Each NFT is a unique one-of-a-kind piece.

    PriceArt, Cardano Project Graveyard.
  • Virtual Machines

    Opening up Cardano to the Solidity/Ethereum and wider blockchain community through the K framework.

    Virtual Machines, Cardano Project Graveyard.
    Virtual Machines
  • CryptoDoggies

    Into its second season this dog based NFT collection encourages charitable donations during initial purchase, these go to community voted animal charities.

    CryptoDoggies, Cardano Project Graveyard.
  • CryptoMage

    The planet's crystal core shattered. Everyone began to crystalize, a few Mages (NFTs) banded together to survive. The race to free the others mages is on.

    CryptoMage, Cardano Project Graveyard.
  • Doodz

    From over 750 million possible combinations come 2500 Socca Doodz. Owners can mint trading cards from their Dood to use as they wish.

    Doodz, Cardano Project Graveyard.
  • Somint

    An art marketplace; currently under development. Coming from the understanding that current systems don’t favor the artist.

    Somint, Cardano Project Graveyard.
  • Ardana

    An over-collateralized, stablecoin-based protocol offering a multi-asset pool DEX and enabling borrowing against over-collateralized assets.

    Ardana, Cardano Project Graveyard.
  • TokenRef

    A library of NFT collections where each collection has its own dedicated page and users can search the collection by specific traits to find their perfect NFT.

    TokenRef, Cardano Project Graveyard.
  • Cardano Token Tool

    A searchable list of the 43000+ tokens currently minted on the Cardano blockchain.

    Cardano Token Tool, Cardano Project Graveyard.
    Cardano Token Tool
  • Mad in Art

    Combining fine art with digital graphic design to create NFTs from real world art.

    Mad in Art, Cardano Project Graveyard.
    Mad in Art
  • Cardano Comics

    Calling back to amazing comic covers and using them to feature the figures of the Cardano community.

    Cardano Comics, Cardano Project Graveyard.
    Cardano Comics