Cardano Failed Project

Failed Project

  • Dripada

    Users comment, like, and follow projects that use this service in order to earn rewards in the project's native token.

    Dripada, Cardano Project Graveyard.
  • The Bull Boon

    Crypto Boons Inc. Bullish on Boons, Boonish on Bulls.

    The Bull Boon, Cardano Project Graveyard.
    The Bull Boon
  • Cicada Tactics

    A Multiplayer Tactical RPG. Play your Cicada on a tactical game board. A NFT on the blockchain contains the initial stats, elements of your RPG character.

    Cicada Tactics, Cardano Project Graveyard.
    Cicada Tactics
  • Cardano File Certification

    hash file secure data proof data file certification certification EMail contract art

    Cardano File Certification, Cardano Project Graveyard.
    Cardano File Certification
  • SassyShark

    A collection of 10,000 unique, hand-drawn NFTs with the goal of raising ocean awareness and providing a positive impact on sea life.

    SassyShark, Cardano Project Graveyard.
  • Tarot Cardano NFTs

    Tarot card NFTs created by popular artists. Each season is a new themed deck with varying rarities. What's in your future?

    Tarot Cardano NFTs, Cardano Project Graveyard.
    Tarot Cardano NFTs

    Publisher of CNFT MAG and home to CNFT Project Directory, Drop Calendar and Infrastructure HUB., Cardano Project Graveyard.
  • Cardano Dragonz

    A collection of hand-drawn, algorithmically generated NFT Dragonz. A game involving them will begin development in late 2022.

    Cardano Dragonz, Cardano Project Graveyard.
    Cardano Dragonz
  • CARdano4SPEED

    A play-to-earn NFT game where NFT owners race their car against others to earn XP points and prizes. Cars can be customized and rented to other racers.

    CARdano4SPEED, Cardano Project Graveyard.
  • Artifct

    An NFT marketplace for auctioning and trading NFTs with a focus on Art and photography NFTs.

    Artifct, Cardano Project Graveyard.
  • PriceArt

    Generative CNFTs modeled with historical Cardano price data. Each NFT is a unique one-of-a-kind piece.

    PriceArt, Cardano Project Graveyard.
  • Virtual Machines

    Opening up Cardano to the Solidity/Ethereum and wider blockchain community through the K framework.

    Virtual Machines, Cardano Project Graveyard.
    Virtual Machines
  • CryptoDoggies

    Into its second season this dog based NFT collection encourages charitable donations during initial purchase, these go to community voted animal charities.

    CryptoDoggies, Cardano Project Graveyard.
  • CryptoMage

    The planet's crystal core shattered. Everyone began to crystalize, a few Mages (NFTs) banded together to survive. The race to free the others mages is on.

    CryptoMage, Cardano Project Graveyard.
  • Doodz

    From over 750 million possible combinations come 2500 Socca Doodz. Owners can mint trading cards from their Dood to use as they wish.

    Doodz, Cardano Project Graveyard.
  • Somint

    An art marketplace; currently under development. Coming from the understanding that current systems don’t favor the artist.

    Somint, Cardano Project Graveyard.
  • Ardana

    An over-collateralized, stablecoin-based protocol offering a multi-asset pool DEX and enabling borrowing against over-collateralized assets.

    Ardana, Cardano Project Graveyard.
  • TokenRef

    A library of NFT collections where each collection has its own dedicated page and users can search the collection by specific traits to find their perfect NFT.

    TokenRef, Cardano Project Graveyard.
  • Cardano Token Tool

    A searchable list of the 43000+ tokens currently minted on the Cardano blockchain.

    Cardano Token Tool, Cardano Project Graveyard.
    Cardano Token Tool
  • Mad in Art

    Combining fine art with digital graphic design to create NFTs from real world art.

    Mad in Art, Cardano Project Graveyard.
    Mad in Art
  • Cardano Comics

    Calling back to amazing comic covers and using them to feature the figures of the Cardano community.

    Cardano Comics, Cardano Project Graveyard.
    Cardano Comics