Cardano Trading Cards

Trading Cards


    An NFT Collectible Card Game or Trading Card Game (CCG/TCG), with engaging gameplay that includes factions of serial killers, law, and pedestrians.

    PSYCHOZ, Cardano Games & Gaming.
  • Adamon

    Explore the map to find wild Adamons, battle them capture them, mint them, and then use them in battle against other users in multiplayer mode.

    Adamon, Cardano Games & Gaming.
  • Dracards

    Dracards is a TCG (Trading Card Game) on Cardano network that features its own Metaverse.

    Dracards, Cardano Games & Gaming.
  • NFT Fighters

    A cross-project NFT Game and Gaming Ecosystem aiming to provide a shared platform where NFTs from different projects can interact with each other.

    NFT Fighters, Cardano Games & Gaming.
    NFT Fighters
  • CardanoMonsters

    A trading card game where NFT cards, of varying rarity, are periodically released in “Sets” with a game under development

    CardanoMonsters, Cardano Games & Gaming.
  • Duelist King

    A blockchain agnostic, decentralized, NFT card game with a focus on community involvement. Join Little John in his quest to find the Dualist King’s Holy Chest.

    Duelist King, Cardano Games & Gaming.
    Duelist King
  • AdaCards

    Designed specifically for the Cardano blockchain, these trading cards showcase community-run stake pools and can be used in the Fantasy Staking NFT game.

    AdaCards, Cardano Games & Gaming.
  • AdaQuest

    On the Ada discworld four races battle with each other, using NFT trading cards, to be the first to put together the Goguen Stone and become the ruler of Ada.

    AdaQuest, Cardano Games & Gaming.
  • jetchicken

    A collectible trading card game of fungible tokens, FTs, and non fungible tokens, NFTs, sold in digital packs in the same way physical trading cards are.

    jetchicken, Cardano Games & Gaming.
  • Cardacity

    A trading card puzzle game where the cards (NFTs) represent real world cities. These can be collected, traded, and used to complete puzzles to earn rarer cards.

    Cardacity, Cardano Games & Gaming.
  • Mocossi

    Far beyond an NFT collection, Mocossi will soon be a "Play and Earn" virtual pet game and farming simulation game on Cardano Blockchain.

    Mocossi, Cardano Games & Gaming.
  • Dracards

    Dracards is a TCG (Trading Card Game) on Cardano network that features its own Metaverse.

    Dracards, Cardano Games & Gaming.

    A memecoin with ideas of NFT collections, trading card games, and a metaverse game element should they receive enough backing. Also doing charity donations.

    WARRIORS WORLD, Cardano Metaverse.
  • AirportNFT

    Engage in the new era of Cardano. If you're passionate about crypto, travel, and everything in between, you have arrived at your destination.

    AirportNFT, Cardano NFT Collections.
  • World of Pirates

    A turn-based, strategy NFT game where players can influence the game's direction and have an impact on the game world's problems.

    World of Pirates, Cardano Games & Gaming.
    World of Pirates
  • Yummi Universe

    An ecosystem of NFT creatures, cards, and other collectibles; following the model of Pokémon and Digimon.

    Yummi Universe, Cardano NFT Collections.
    Yummi Universe