A memecoin with ideas of NFT collections, trading card games, and a metaverse game element should they receive enough backing. Also doing charity donations.


WARRIORS WORLD is one of the main projects WOW. Warriors World is a play to earn and nft project in Cardano metaverse. It’s a virtual reality space that will allow real world activities digitally. Warriors World is in the early stage of development, but the first release of the map will be different than other metaverse projects out there. Warriors world offers reality like images of the map and will allow you to view the whole map close up and 360 degrees from day of map release.


WORLD OF WARRIORS TOKEN (WOW) is bringing metaverse and nft gaming together in Cardano blockchain technology. WOW was born on 02/03/2022, 05:24:42 PM PT with block 6838590 in epoch 318 in the Cardano Ecosystem. WOW plans to create a metaverse universe called WARRIORS WORLD and integrate it with WARRIORS BATTLE to capture all age groups . WOW will showcase top of the line technology but yet still limit the cost to the community as we believe everyone should be able to afford and potentially help the community gain financial benefits. With these projects, it will also show the assets of Cardano on how it can keep up with the best of the best.

WOW is all about the community and changing peoples lives for the better. WOW plans to give back to Cardano community all throughout this project. The community is the main voice and priority of WOW . Then WOW will also try to make a difference on homeless people all over the world. WOW will donate 20% of all financial benefits from the projects to different programs/charities all over the world. The WOW community will decide on which charity the donation will be sent to by way of suggestions and voting.

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