Cardano Monitor



    Turbocharge your Cardano NFT projects with industry-standard engagement tools. Track secondary sales, share new mints and apply ownership-based Discord roles.

    CNFTLAB, Cardano Project Building Resources.
  • Txpipe

    #OpenSource tools and infrastructure for #Cardano blockchain developers. We focus on integrating on-chain data with off-chain infrastructure.

    Txpipe, Cardano Developer Tools.
  • ApeWatch

    Monitor the total value of the holdings of any Cardano wallet.

    ApeWatch, Cardano User Tools.

    An intuitive (and pleasantly soothing) visualization of the contents of each block on the Cardano blockchain along with data points for that block., Cardano User Tools.
  • Atrium Lab

    A data and feature rich wallet management app that acts like your Cardano wallet and offers incentives for certain actions and encourages a fairer experience.

    Atrium Lab, Cardano User Tools.
    Atrium Lab
  • Mardano

    A native token and NFT explorer on Cardano. Live Prices, Charts and Metadata

    Mardano, Cardano User Tools.
  • JorManager

    An opinionated Cardano stake pool management software. Designed to offer the most operator friendly way to run a stake pool on Cardano.

    JorManager, Cardano Stake Pool Operator Tools.
  • NFTSeeker

    A suite of NFT tools for both users and projects. Offering users tools to track, purchase and monitor NFTs, and projects a minting engine and Discord bot.

    NFTSeeker, Cardano User Tools.
  • dAppsOnCardano

    Website for insights in to decentralized apps on Cardano blockchain.

    dAppsOnCardano, Cardano User Tools.
  • Machada

    Machada helps you monitor your Cardano wallet and automate flows based on it.

    Machada, Cardano User Tools.
  • ADAM

    A free Android app for monitoring the state of Cardano, viewing the contents of any wallet, and all the statistics you could want associated with it.

    ADAM, Cardano User Tools.
  • WalletBud

    A wallet alerts bot for Discord. Get notifications about incoming wallet activity for up to 3 different Cardano wallets.

    WalletBud, Cardano User Tools.
  • CRCI

    An individual using a proprietary rating system to rank and score DeFi projects on Cardano.

    CRCI, Cardano User Tools.
  • Cardano Updates

    A Github commits tracker for all Cardano blockchain development. With daily reports and a 7 day aggregator to track the progress of Cardano's development.

    Cardano Updates, Cardano User Tools.
    Cardano Updates
  • Immunify.Life

    Streamlining, securing, and decentralizing healthcare data for all stakeholders in the healthcare industry, from patients to international aid donors.

    Immunify.Life, Cardano Industry Solutions.
  • Grafana Dashboard

    Create a visual dashboard and an alert system to monitor your stake pool’s metrics, health and other data relating to its position in the stake pool system.

    Grafana Dashboard, Cardano Stake Pool Operator Tools.
    Grafana Dashboard
  • Native Tokens Dashboard

    A list of all Cardano native tokens and transactions involving them along with minting and burning statistic, in both daily and monthly graphs, for the network.

    Native Tokens Dashboard, Cardano User Tools.
    Native Tokens Dashboard
  • Adosia

    Customizable and self-programable wifi enabled sensors on open hardware and software. Tokenizing and building a marketplace for the monetization of designs.

    Adosia, Cardano Industry Solutions.
  • Cardano Assets

    A searchable database of all Cardano Assets, both FTs and NFTs, ranking tokens by multiple data points and offering insights into each token.

    Cardano Assets, Cardano User Tools.
    Cardano Assets