Customizable and self-programable wifi enabled sensors on open hardware and software. Tokenizing and building a marketplace for the monetization of designs.

Adosia provides a suite of IoT building blocks that require no coding skills to use, and allow users to deploy, control, and monitor custom wifi control systems in minutes.

A High Customizable System

The wifi enabled IoT system can be time programmed and can react to a wide variety of sensory inputs, including:

  • Moisture sensors
  • Light sensors
  • Motion detectors
  • Temperature sensors
  • Water level sensors
  • Digital inputs
  • Gas sensors
  • sound sensors

Other inputs are being added over time and the resulting outputs can be just as varied as the inputs and include triggering a mechanical or digital outcome, such as stating a pump or sending a message, and they can even activate other sensors in the network. Outputs can also include sending notification alerts to your personal device.

The Adosia platform works through an “open hardware IO platform initiative” using Adoisa SPACE IO boards and everything they produce will be compatible with other popular open hardware boards, and can be connected together using Adosia’s open source script. This means that users are not required to purchase Adosia hardware. More technical information can be found in the this section of their Github.

Tokenization for a Decentralized Marketplace

Adosia have released ADO tokens, these are claimable by delegators delegating to an eligible pools (this includes almost all stake pools that don’t currently have a high fee). Claiming these tokens is done through the Adosia platform, not via other popular services like Drip Dropz. You can also connect devices and sensors to the Adosia network and start earning tokens for being an early adopter.

A smart contract based, peer-to-peer marketplace will allow existing platform users to monetize their device operating profiles by selling them to new members as plug-and-play solutions. The users of this marketplace will use ADO tokens to pay for their purchases.

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