Cardano Supply Chain

Supply Chain

  • Atala SCAN

    A supply chain solution for the authentication of products using the blockchain.

    Atala SCAN, Cardano Industry Solutions.
    Atala SCAN

    Blockchain, supply chain solutions for companies and institution. Aiming to improve the quality and cost-effectiveness of global supply chains.

    SIMEL, Cardano Industry Solutions.
  • Fetachain

    Renovating the foodchain with IoT, Blockchain, AI & AR. Assuring quality Farm to Food.

    Fetachain, Cardano Industry Solutions.
  • NB Realchain

    Authenticate New Balance’s limited edition OMN1S basketball shoes on Cardano through the NB Realchain app on Android and iOS with NFC technology.

    NB Realchain, Cardano Supply Chain.
    NB Realchain
  • ALKO Coffee

    An indonesia-based cooperative and coffee processor integrating Cardano blockchain based traceability into their international supply chain.

    ALKO Coffee, Cardano Supply Chain.
    ALKO Coffee
  • Baia's Wine

    A traceability proof-of-concept by the Cardano Foundation and Scantrust. QR codes are scanned throughout the wine's journey and stored on the Cardano blockchain

    Baia's Wine, Cardano Supply Chain.
    Baia's Wine
  • Immunify.Life

    Streamlining, securing, and decentralizing healthcare data for all stakeholders in the healthcare industry, from patients to international aid donors.

    Immunify.Life, Cardano Industry Solutions.

Blockchains technology is being used to improve supply chains by introducing verifiability, immutability, and transparency to supply chain tracking.

Blockchains technology allows products to be verifiably tracked from source to destination, with each scan immutably stored and time stamped to the blockchain with these data points being available for anyone to view. 

Using this technology to track products from the source to the consumer helps to increase consumer confidence and to combat the counterfeiting of products; providing consumer protection whilst also foster greater trust in business partnerships.