Atala SCAN

A supply chain solution for the authentication of products using the blockchain.

Atala SCAN utilizes tamperproof NFC tags and blockchain technology to provide verifiable authenticity for a wide variety of supply chains and individually unique products, including:

  • Designer brand items
  • Medicine
  • Spirits
  • Art
  • Pretty much any product that the end-user would want to authenticate.

Combating Counterfeiting

Counterfeit goods range from luxury spirits and expensive medicines, to handbags and sneakers. Counterfeiting is a multi-billion dollar industry and implementing immutable and verifiable product tags, such as Atala SCAN, not only gives users peace of mind but can help to fight the counterfeiting industry with blockchain based verification that cannot be imitated or falsified.

Advantages for Businesses, Manufacturers, and Producers

The use of a product authentication service allows businesses, manufacturers, and, ultimately, brands to foster trust in their products by enabling the end-user to independently verify a product's authenticity.

Identifier integration options range from NFC smart cards to embedded chips.

The simple mobile app which consumers use to interact with the verification system can also be used to enhance the user experience, providing them with incentives, loyalty programs, NFTs, and more. The implementer of the tag can decide what is displayed to the end-user and examples include: product tracking data, exclusive content and marketing materials.

All the product data is stored as metadata on the blockchain and is therefore immutable for all of time.

Advantages for Users

Users use a mobile app to get real-time proof of a product’s authenticity simply by scanning the product's tag. Giving them authoritative proof that the product in their possession came from the manufacturer/artist/supplier/producer who it says it came from. It can also give them access to exclusive content, decide on by the product’s creator.

How it Works: Tamper-Proof NFCs

Traditional NFCs consist of a microchip and a single antenna. When they receive a transmission from a device, e.g. a smart phone, they sends their data back in return. To prevent breakages, and the system no longer working, the chip and antenna are designed to be resilient to many of the abuses it may suffer in modern life.

The NFCs used for Atala SCAN have two antenna, one of which is designed to break if tampered with. If this antenna is broken i.e. if the product is tampered with, then the tag will continue to work through the other antenna but will instead transmits a modified signal as evidence of the tampering.

Such a function allows the buyers of things like limited edition spirits and certain medicines to know that the contents of the vessel in their hand has not been tampered with.

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