Baia's Wine

A traceability proof-of-concept by the Cardano Foundation and Scantrust. QR codes are scanned throughout the wine's journey and stored on the Cardano blockchain

The Cardano foundation agreed to undertake this proof-of-concept after accepting an offer from Scantrust, a global connected goods platform.

Scantrust provides digitized tracking solutions for a wide variety of companies whose supply chains reach over 165 countries. Their patented, tamper-resistant QR labels, each with a secure graphic in the center that works as an anti-counterfeit feature, are attached to each bottle of Baias wine.

Each time the QR code is scanned the data is logged on the Cardano blockchain. When users scan this QR code they get access to this data, which includes: origin, time in transit, and who was involved in the process.

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