Cardano Funding


  • Maestro

    Maestro run ISPOs for projects in the Cardano ecosystem and provide a blockchain API to aid them in development.

    Maestro, Cardano Project Building Resources.
  • Chess Of Art

    Chess of Art is an NFT marketplace built on the Cardano Blockchain with the mechanism of unlocking a new age of NFT utilities to users!

    Chess Of Art, Cardano Project Building Resources.
    Chess Of Art
  • Project Catalyst

    Project Catalyst is an experiment in on-chain governance that puts the community at the heart of deciding the priorities for the growth of the Cardano network.

    Project Catalyst, Cardano Project Building Resources.
    Project Catalyst
  • Adanian Labs

    Focusing on starting and supporting socially impactful and commercially driven companies that will change the world from Africa.

    Adanian Labs, Cardano Project Building Resources.
    Adanian Labs
  • cFund

    An early-stage investor, sector agnostic, venture firm anchored by IOHK and managed by Wave Financial.

    cFund, Cardano Project Building Resources.
  • Catalyst Explorer

    Catalyst Explorer lets you explore Catalyst Proposals, teams and users via advance sorts and filters.

    Catalyst Explorer, Cardano User Tools.
    Catalyst Explorer
  • is a pioneer in decentralized asset lending on Cardano, allowing enthusiasts to take full advantage of lending and borrowing opportunities., Cardano DeFi.
  • Adaverse Accelerator

    An accelerator selecting projects that apply and offering them funds, mentorship, and infrastructure to scale Web3 solutions. Managed by EMURGO.

    Adaverse Accelerator, Cardano DeFi.
    Adaverse Accelerator
  • The Ape Society

    A collection of 7000 ape NFTs, with a highly active community and DAO that supports builders and evangelists in the ecosystem that push the community forward.

    The Ape Society, Cardano NFT Collections.
    The Ape Society
  • Jesus 2

    An NFT collection of 10 characters focused around a resurrected corpse, saving the human race from death. A medium to raise funds for a short, animated, film.

    Jesus 2, Cardano NFT Collections.
    Jesus 2
  • Shareslake

    An open by default blockchain-based stock market that rewards companies for each transaction of their shares and does not charge investors.

    Shareslake, Cardano DeFi.
  • Snapbrillia

    Bring GitCoin to Cardano with quadratic fund matching to amplify trust and opportunities to build the future of open-source Cardano with Mentor-mentee bounties.

    Snapbrillia, Cardano DeFi.
  • Token Allies

    Provides Businesses of all sizes the platform to get tokenized. All on Cardano. We will provide the platform to create, manage and sell business tokens.

    Token Allies, Cardano DeFi.
    Token Allies