Cardano Collaboration


  • LSSP

    LSSP, Cardano Stake Pool.
  • Youblob

    Rapid prototyping made easy ...even for AI

    Youblob, Cardano Industry Solutions.
  • Pudgy Cat

    In a world riddled with dogs, lobsters, apes, penguins and llamas, running among bulls and bears, Pudgy gives back the Cryptoverse to its lawful rulers: Cats.

    Pudgy Cat, Cardano NFT Collections.
    Pudgy Cat
  • Cypherkicks

    Digital sneakers in NFT form. There will be 5000 Cypherkicks in total, dropped in 12 ’seasons’, and no two Cypherkicks are the same.

    Cypherkicks, Cardano NFT Collections.
  • Ada Dolls

    An NFT collection inspired by collectible vinyl art toys and a love of graffiti. Releasing collaboration collections with other NFT artists on Cardano.

    Ada Dolls, Cardano NFT Collections.
    Ada Dolls