Team of experienced specialists, providing software development for Cardano projects

🌍MetaLamp is a leading blockchain development team ranked among the TOP 10 in the world by Clutch.

đź’ˇHaving over 8 years of experience, MetaLamp built its own team of highly qualified specialists in Haskell and Plutus. Together with IOHK team they've been testing Plutus smart contracts and became one of the first commercial developers using Plutus.

đź’ĄMetaLamp has worked with a variety of Cardano based projects and created stablecoin protocols, NFT marketplaces, cloud platforms etc.

🎯As MetaLamp has its own in-house team, they are always ready to help projects from scratch, providing such resources as frontend and backend development, smart contract building and design.

✨MetaLamp is also a perfect option if you need to enforce your team with a number of experienced developers who can bring value to your project.

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