Pudgy Cat

In a world riddled with dogs, lobsters, apes, penguins and llamas, running among bulls and bears, Pudgy gives back the Cryptoverse to its lawful rulers: Cats.

About Pudgy Cat

In the beginning, the Earth was without form and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep.

Several million years later, the Earth became kingdom to a superior species of beings commonly referred as “Cats”, who ruled upon any land their paws could touch. When human beings started to move on a different digital domain called “The Internet”, cats swiftly imposed their dominance on that too, colonizing forums, chats, newsletters and social networks.

The only part of the Internet yet to be conquered was “The Cryptoverse”, a weird place where humans exchange digital assets in a fungible or non-fungible fashion, aiming to create a new, fair and decentralized economic system.

As today, the Cryptoverse is riddled with any kind of inferior creatures running amok among bulls and bears, such as dogs, lobsters, apes, penguins, llamas and, for a brief period, mongooses, fighting to become rulers as in a bad spin-off of Game of Thrones. This cannot be accepted.

The purpose of this project is to give back the Cryptoverse to its lawful rulers: Cats, starting with the creation and the global distribution of some new Fungible and Non-Fungible Tokens, which neither have any financial value nor any technological break through to push off the table, but which are so artsy and cute and fluffy and adorable, staring at you with those big eyes you can’t really say “No” to.

Catechnical Details

Pudgy’s Fungible and Non-Fungible Tokens are minted on Cardano, the best blockchain of them all, and they takes all its technical carachteristics from it.

  • They are as cool as Cardano (but plushier)
  • They are as fast as Cardano (but sneakier)
  • They are as scalable as Cardano (but they can climb higher)
  • They are as secure as Cardano (but don’t leave your food unattended, there’s a reason if these tokens is pudgy)

We could leave you with more technological promises, but nap time is looming.

FT ($Pudgy) Utility

$Pudgy will be the official currency for all the Pudgy activities inside future metaverses (like the Pudgy Dome Art Gallery on Cornucopias, for example – wink wink).

The $Pudgy Token will let you make pudgy purchases with pudgy discounts on all our NFT Collections (but not only) and, of course, it’ll be the best way to increase the cat dominance on the Cardano ecosystem.

FT ($Pudgy) Catokenomics

The total supply of $Pudgy Tokens is set to 1.000T tokens (but if you like to stare at long lists of zeroes, here’s the full number:

“Why this much?” you might ask. The reason is simple: any number multiplied by zero equals to zero, so why bother with a different number when this one seems to be the standard? Plus we believe in equality, so we want to give anyone the chance to become a worthless billionaire.

  • Team & Founders: 10% of the supply will be held by the ones who made Pudgy Cat possible, just to let them feel like whales, at least for once.
  • Public Distribution: 50% of the supply will be available to the public through the Pudgy Box, which is the place where Pudgy spends most of his spare time planning on how to conquer the world (and also our token faucet available on pudgycat.io) or other Cardano Distribution Services.
  • To Be Determined: 40% of the supply will not be circulating and it will be vested in future. For what? Did you say Metaverse? That’s the plan. Did you say Staking Pool? Who knows. Did you say BURN? Yo mama so pudgy that… Oh, sorry, you said “Burn”, not “Roast”.

Pudgy C(at)NFT Collections

Pudgy C(at)NFT collections will be our way to spread art and fun on the Cardano Blockchain. They’ll be minted on-chain (no stupid IPFS), they’ll be the offspring of our partnerships with other NFT artists & art lovers, and (last but not least) any Pudgy C(at)NFT hodler will be able to enjoy extra $Pudgy Token rewards on our distribution services. Isn’t it purrrfect?


As an old song used to say: “Everybody want to be a cat”. To this we answer “Hallelujah” or, as we say in our language: “MEOW”.

The revolution begins today. Sharpen your fingernails on the best sofa you can reach and join us into the box. You won’t get rich, but you’ll reserve your place in the right side of history.

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