FairyFrens was launched with the aim of creating a hope-based future in the technology space. We strongly believe in equality and anti-bullying in our CSR plan.

Our key focus is on communicating and creating content with the growing blockchain community to promote social impact. Our mission is to change the fear-based algorithms and hate of the past and pave the way for a more positive future for the next generation of blockchain users.

We strive to make a real difference by running a charity, promoting equality, ethics, and engaging in impactful work online and in real life. We are committed to promoting kindness and teaching better communication and understanding among each other, as we shape the new industry that we are building to promote inclusiveness for all.

We strongly believe in equality and anti-bullying, and our key focuses consist of education, promotion of ethics and resources needed to shape and innovate future generations.

The FairyFrens consist of 1111 NFTs made up of 4 Clans, One Queen and an Angel.

Queen Fae is the ruler of the land. Years of negativity from the previous queen had imprinted on some FairyFrens. Fae had a mission to bring back all of the clans, in all of the land to harmonize once again.

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