Rapid prototyping made easy ...even for AI

Youblob is an online makerspace solution that puts the Makers and their DIY projects in the front seat. The project have been ongoing for 10 years, and with the introduction to blockchain and smart contracts Youblob found a market-fit for their incentivized functions.

Short introduction of each key functionality.

For Makers;

  • Native wallet upon registration
  • Publish Blueprints
  • Convert Blueprints into NFT's
  • Sell your ideas as Blueprint NFT's
  • Earn incentives from owning Blueprints as Blueprint Owner
  • Earn incentives from your own Blueprints as Blueprint Author
  • Convert your Blueprint into a product on the open marketplace
  • Create Teams and collaborate on the same Blueprint.

For Makerspaces/Organizations;

  • Subscription handling for your local Makers
  • Collect information about your members projects, and understand value generated in your local community as a Makerspace/Organization, to easily apply for more funding through your municipality.
  • Booking calendar for the Makerspace equipment reserved for your members.
  • Stock handling with automatic refill when certain threshold is reached.
  • Sell components to members that can grab directly from your stock.

For Distributors;

  • Connect your existing e-commerce site to Youblob through our API. Magento, Shopify, Drupal Commerce etc. will be supported.
  • Automatic warehouse handling for new and deprecated products from Manufacturers

For Manufacturers;

  • Understand what your products have been used for after they are sold, and new functions/iterations they have created.
  • Expand your distribution network as easy as sending a "friend request" i.e. Distributor request.
  • Set the incentive model on your products that Makers will earn from using your products in their Blueprint

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