An open sourced, light, browser extension wallet, with both testnet and mainnet functionalities, that can interact in dApps that haven’t yet integrated it.

The Flint wallet was developed by dcSpark, and is a flexible, open source wallet that offers access to a cross-chain layer 2 solution, one of dcSpark's other releases, the Milkomeda sidechain. Flint wallet is a browser extension wallet and is available for Google Chrome and all Chrome based browsers, such as Brave. Its current functionalities include:

  • Sending, storing, and receiving ADA, NFTs, and tokens

  • Delegating stake (done by connecting the wallet through a website that offers the ability to do so)

  • Interacting with Cardano dApps through a web browser

  • Hardware support for both Trezor and Ledger hardware wallets

  • Creating multiple accounts that share the same recovery phrase but are not associated with each other on the blockchain

  • Being opened as a browser tab or as a typical pop-up extension

If a dApp or website is yet to integrate Flint then Flint can still interact with that dApp or website by injecting itself as a wallet that the platform does support.

Other Points to Note

Personalizable Inputs and Outputs

Users of Flint can select which explorers are used to scape the blockchain for the data displayed in the wallet. Users can also choose which server pulls the blockchain state for them and select a particular network node broadcast their transactions to the network.

Customizable Security

When creating their wallet users can select a 12, 15, or 24 word recovery phrase allowing them flexibility in their security choices. They can also set a password for the Flint browser extension, providing them security if they use their Flint wallet on a device shared by other. Users can also, optionally, logout of their wallet.

Testnet and Mainnet

In flint wallet users can create wallets for use on either the Cardano testnet or the Cardano mainnet.

Support from Solana, Ethereum, and Urbit blockchains will be possible in Flint wallet through the Milkomeda sidechain.

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