Cardano Fractional NFT

Fractional NFT

  • Fraction.Estate

    By removing the middleman, Fraction Estate makes it easier and cheaper for investors to buy and sell fractional real estate

    Fraction.Estate, Cardano User Tools.
  • Reitcircles

    A protocol being built on Cardano Blockchain network to serve the real world needs to identify, verify and trade real estate globally

    Reitcircles, Cardano DeFi.
  • Fracada V2: il Primo

    A smart contract for locking up an NFT and tokenizing its ownership. Multiple NFTs can be added to the contract after its initial creation.

    Fracada V2: il Primo, Cardano Developer Tools.
    Fracada V2: il Primo
  • Kirkstone

    Our mission statement is to significantly reduce the cost of renting for all. In addition, our aim is to make a substantial impact on the homeless community.

    Kirkstone, Cardano DeFi.
  • projectNEWM

    A music ecosystem empowering musicians with a streaming platform and marketplace. Returning control and ownership for the rights and distribution of their work.

    projectNEWM, Cardano Industry Solutions.
  • Rats DAO

    A NFT buying DAO that purchases blue chip NFTs.

    Rats DAO, Cardano Community & Learning.
    Rats DAO
  • Fracada

    A fractional NFT protocol, written in Plutus, that allows users to fractionalize Cardano NFTs using a smart contract.

    Fracada, Cardano Developer Tools.

A fractional NFT is when an NFT has been split into multiple parts, allowing multiple entities to own a part of that NFT. An NFT is fractionalized by locking it up and tokenizing it. These tokens can then be traded on the open market.

Sometimes these tokens provide value beyond the attributed value of the NFT that they represent. This is in the form of earning generated by the underlying asset.