Cardano Calculator



    See a summary of assets, liquidity, loans, art and property for multiple wallets in a single page flow. One for the bookmarks to track DeFi / ReFi progress., Cardano User Tools.
  • The Adalator

    A tool for calculating the prospective value of ADA holdings with multiple, adjustable variables to make calculations as accurate as possible.

    The Adalator, Cardano User Tools.
    The Adalator
  • ADA Staking Calculator

    Project the future valve of your ADA holdings. Edit multiple metics: timespan, price, investment, and more; to receive live outputs of projected future value.

    ADA Staking Calculator, Cardano User Tools.
    ADA Staking Calculator
  • Cardano Gainz Calculator

    An ADA staking calculator displaying yearly and monthly rewards for a staking amount, in ADA and USD, at the current market rate with an epoch payday countdown.

    Cardano Gainz Calculator, Cardano User Tools.
    Cardano Gainz Calculator
  • Mardano

    A native token and NFT explorer on Cardano. Live Prices, Charts and Metadata

    Mardano, Cardano User Tools.
  • CardaStat

    Search and compare stake pools by ticker symbol. View current, annual, and 30 day statistics side-by-side, and calculate potential rewards from previous epochs.

    CardaStat, Cardano User Tools.
  • Min Ada Calculator

    Accurately calculate the minimum ADA and Lovelace cost of both asset transactions and minting transactions with reference to the size of the token bundle.

    Min Ada Calculator, Cardano Dev Tools.
    Min Ada Calculator
  • Pool Peek

    A stake pool explorer with a focus on encouraging the discovery of smaller pools through randomized results. Featuring a staking calculator and reward tracker.

    Pool Peek, Cardano User Tools.
    Pool Peek