A generative art installation inspired by tree growth rings.

Every Dendro is uniquely generated from user input using an interactive minting process. Buyers collectively decide the rarity and evolution of the artwork.

100% On-Chain

Each Dendro is a one-of-a-kind NFT, eternally stored on the Cardano blockchain. The NFT contains the metadata necessary to regenerate your Dendro as an SVG file. The code will produce the exact same artwork on every run.

Buyers Decide Rarity

A unique feature of this project is that the buyers collectively define rarity. At every mint, a buyer can decide to modify their NFT, or not. This modification will be carried forward in the following NTFs.

So rarity can only be defined after the project has been completed. A real-time overview of how the project evolves is available on the website.

Making it Physical

From all minted Dendros, 1% will be made into physical artworks and signed by hand. So if all 3000 Dendros are sold, 30 will be selected randomly, produced and sent to the respective NFT owners.

For every Dendro minted 2ADA will be donated to the Cardano Forest.

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