Blockchain verified, global forest restoration projects.

An integrated platform that has been designed with geo location technology and blockchain verification at its core in an attempt to transform the restoration space and offer verifiable and transparent restoration projects. The tools used by veritree connect all the stakeholders in the restoration business: tree planters, planting organizations, business, and consumers through a singular platform.

Veritree accepts ADA as payment to plant trees: 1 ADA = 1 Tree

Funds are being raised through an ITO, Initial Tree Offering, where donators receive a limited edition tree token for donating 15ADA or more. Once the planting of the trees is complete tree tokens can be redeemed for limited edition trees and NFT digital art.

Incorporating and Embracing Technology

Veritree is standardizing how data and evidence are collected, managed, uploaded, verified, and delivered in the forest restoration world. These verifiable projects can be used to produce high integrity carbon credits, and the tools to manage these projects are free of charge for planting organizations.

Each tree that is planted is recorded on the Cardano blockchain by the creation of a token. Doing this can eliminate the current industry “double counting problem” where 1 tree is planted and then claimed multiple times.

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veritree & Cardano Foundation

Partnership was announced at the Cardano Summit in 2021 where the Cardano Foundation committed to planting 1m trees with veritree.

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