CardWallet (C-Wallet)

A non-custodial, mobile app wallet, offering interoperability across 3 blockchains.

Users of CardWallet can access the platform via a web app and through mobile apps (iOS and Android) and have access to assets on three blockchain: Cardano, Bitcoin, and Ethereum. With regards to Cardano, and Cardano assets, the users of CardWallet can:

  • Send, store, and receive ADA
  • Stake ADA
  • Exchange ADA for other cryptocurrencies supported by the wallet

In CardWallet users can buy ADA with fiat money (though a 3rd party) for which they will need to complete KYC

Staking ADA

Staking in CardWallet can only be done to a whitelisted set of pools, defined by CardWallet, that are found in the app. This is said to be in place protect users from scam stake pools.

A Native Token

CardWallet has a native token, $CW, that offers multiple advantages to those staking or holding the token on the platform:

  • Stakers get access to swaps with 0 fees
  • ADA stakers receive rebates in CW, on top of their ADA rewards
  • Traders receive monthly rewards, in CW, from a small pool on a pro-rata, volume-weighted basis
  • Rewards of CW will be handed out to users participating in the DAO
  • Rewards of CW will be given for submitting improvement proposals to the platform
  • Rewards in CW will be handed out based on activity on social media channels

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