An open-source, light wallet from EMURGO. Offering wallets for both the Cardano and Ergo chains.

Users can use Yoroi to create multiple wallets in the same interface and interact with the same wallet in their browser and on their mobile device. Yoroi wallet is a non-custodial and users of Yoroi can:

  • Send, store, and receive ADA, NFTs, and tokens
  • Search stake pools and delegate to a stake pool
  • Register to vote in Project Catalyst

Yoroi also supports Ledger hardware wallets integration, providing an extra level of security for those who desire it.

The browser extension versions of Yoroi is currently the only version that supports the sending, storing, and receiving of the ERG cryptocurrency as well as Ergo native tokens.

Users don't need to log out of the browser extension Yoroi wallets but they do need to enter a spending password in order to send ADA out of the wallet.

Yoroi can be used to claim and transfer ADA from Byron-Era wallets as well as other Shelly-Era wallets.

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