Typhon Wallet

A non-custodial, light wallet designed from scratch by cardanoscan.io using their own, open-sourced wallet libraries. Currently only available on the testnet.

Typhon light wallet is being tested by member of the public and the cardanoscan.io in preparation for mainnet release. Current features include:

  • Sending, receiving, and storing ADA
  • Sending, receiving, and storing Cardano Native Tokens
  • Staking to stake pools and browsing a list of stake pools with multiple statistics by which to rank them
  • Registering to vote in Project Catalyst
  • The addition of Metadata to transactions
  • Multi-sig transaction signing
  • Hardware wallet support for Trezor and Ledger hardware wallets

More wallet functionalities have been slated to be coming soon, but a release date for Typhon Wallet on the Cardano mainnet is yet to be announced.

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Typhon Wallet & Javascript Bip32Ed25519 Implementation

Typhon Wallet is built using this pure Javascript implementation of Bip32Ed25519. The company behind Typhon wallet are also the creators of this library.

Javascript Bip32Ed25519 Implementation logo

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