A hardware wallet for storing multiple cryptocurrencies, including your ADA and Cardano tokens, in cold storage.

Wallets on the Trezor hardware wallet are accessible via Trezor Suite, a desktop application that provides a clean and easy interface for interacting with your coins. Here you can send, receive, and store ADA, Cardano native tokens, and NFTs. You can also collect staking rewards but you can't delegate stake.

Your Trezor is locked by a pin that you set and enter on the device itself (not on your computer). You can set an optional passphrase too, and there is also the option to have hidden wallets stored behind a separate passphrase.

There are two models of Trezor: the One and the Model T. The Model T is the newest and supports a Cardano wallet directly in Trezor Suite, the Trezor One only supports some third party Cardano wallets, both full node and light wallets, that have been around since the Byron era (pre July 29th 2020) and have the backwards compatibility.

Buy and Exchange Crypto

Through the Trezor Suite you can buy, sell and exchange ADA. This function uses a third party, Invity, and many options don’t require KYC.


Multiple Cardano wallets support the Trezor hardware wallet which is handy because staking ADA is not possible in the Trezor Suite. Thankfully staking your ADA from your Trezor wallet is easy. Simply connect your Trezor wallet to a third party Cardano wallet that your trust (which has staking capabilities), choose your stake pool and stake your coins. Job done.

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