Building an open-source suite of NFT standards, tools, and dApps on Cardano. As well as a cross-chain bridge between Cardano and Avalanche.

NFT-DAO is trying to standardize the NFT world, on both Cardano and other chains, and also create a suite of tools for people to be able to easily utilize NFTs for what they want.


Initially NFT-DAO is looking to create a network of NFT marketplaces on Cardano by creating a plugin, NFT marketplace framework that is called “Boxcar”. Technical and non-technical people will be able to use this plugin to add an NFT marketplace to their website or platform and use it create and sell NFTs.

Akkadia - The Demo

Akkadia is an NFT marketplace on the NFT-DAO website that is utilizing the Boxcar framework and showcasing its potential to users. Initially Akkadia will be used to sell the NFT memberships to the NFT-DAO (more on this in a moment) and after that it will open as an NFT marketplace for users to use and will be the first working example of the Boxcar framework in action.

Cross-Chain Bridge

The NFT-DAO are currently developing an Avalanche/Cardano cross-chain bridge. This will allow people to mint their NFTs on Avalanche, where it is much cheaper to do so, and move them to Cardano to use them. This was expected to be released in Q1 2022, but due to changes being introduced to the Avalanche protocol, which are due to be published some time late in Q1 2022. Release is being postponed until in can be ensured that the cross-chain bridge is compatible with the updates released by Avalanche Labs.

When this cross-chain bridge is released the Akkadia marketplace will work as the demo for it.

When they are complete, both the Avalanche/Cardano cross-chain bridge and the marketplace plugin will open sourced.

Standardizing Metadata

NFT-DAO played a large part in formulating the CIP 25 metadata standard for NFTs on Cardano.

NFT-DAO envisions a world where all NFTs on all chains use the same metadata standard, creating a cohesive, cross-chain NFT world. With this aim in mind they are working with the Senior Test Engineer, Gabriel Cardona, of Avalanche Labs to propose that the Cardano metadata standards be adopted by them too. Thus creating the first cross-chain metadata standard.


The NFT-DAO is currently a DAO in the sense that one may want to think of one. The governance architecture of the DAO is currently under construction and they are hoping to deploy it by the end of Q2 2022.

The NFT-DAO is currently an open DAO where anyone can join and provide contributions in a whole manner of ways.

NFT tickets sold via the Akkadia platform will form the basis of membership with holder of those tickets receiving governance tokens at the token generation event. All of those who have join and contributed to NFT-DAO before the DAO itself is actually formed will also be air dropped governance tokens, with the size of each persons drop will be based on their collaboration and contributions to the platform.

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