An open source, browser extension, light wallet.

The Nami browser extension wallet for Cardano works with Chrome, Edge, Brave, and other Chrome based browsers. Users can connect to any integrated website and use Nami wallet to interact with the Cardano blockchain and programs and protocols built on top of it e.g. dApps.

Nami's non-custodial wallet can be used for:

  • Sending, storing, and receiving ADA, NFTs, and tokens
  • Bundling multiple assets, ADA, tokens and NFTs, into a single transaction
  • Minting NFTs here
  • Delegating ADA to a stake pool
  • Multi-sig transactions
  • Have multiple accounts associated with the same mnemonic (but not with each other, also allowing the user to delegate to multiple stake pools)

Users don't log in and out of Nami wallet each time they use it, although they can if they choose to. Instead a spending password is required to send assets out of the wallet.

In the Nami wallet interface you are only able to delegate to the creator's pool. However, if you head to you can connect your Nami wallet, choose a stake pool on the site, and delegate there.

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