Martify Labs

An NFT marketplace with a focus on community. A launchpad for in-game and metaverse NFT marketplaces is in the works.

NFT Marketplace

Martify Labs have launched an NFT marketplace that allows creators to receive royalties on secondary market sales of the NFTs they created.

Currently only fixed price sales are available on the marketplace however future plans are to integrate a variety of sale options including:

  • Trading and bundle NFT swaps
  • The buying and selling of NFTs with native tokens
  • On-chain auctions and bidding


Martify Labs are planning a launchpad that helps games and metaverse projects to integrate smart contracts into their universe and to launch their own marketplaces based on Martify. This will allow them to enable in-game asset trading.

Future Governance

Governance tokens, along with a governance smart contract, are in the pipeline to truly hand the powers of development and direction of Martify Labs over to the community. and Martify Labs use the same smart contracts to manage their marketplaces.

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